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Snaturz.  Triste

︎︎︎  Pre - authority.
Dec,  2021

︎︎︎ Exhibition Design
︎︎︎ Munich, Germany

Greek culture is a provenance of many things. Its “whiteness” established a classical aesthetic standard, while the Propylaea is the start of the spatial sequences of the Acropolis. What if the beginning is wrong? What if “whiteness” is an artificial construct? More and more evidence of “polychromy artifacts” questioned the authorized “marble-whiteness” of architecture and sculpture. By adding plastic artificial pillars with authentic fragments, the project deconstructs the authority of the entrance, turning the political statement back into an anonymous authenticity.

︎︎︎ Shushu/Tong.
Mar,  2022

︎︎︎ Retail Design
︎︎︎ Waterfire Arts Center, Providence, RI
︎︎︎ Collaborated with Natalia Silva

In the digital age, as customers can buy almost everything online, retail environments definitely need to offer a richer experience than ever before. As an ultimate showcase and the physical touch point between the brand and the customer, the project is a pop-up showroom but also a fashion stage for customers who comes into the space.

︎︎︎  15 Rules for Rebuilding the World.
Oct,  2021

︎︎︎ Typography & Exhibtion Design
︎︎︎ RISD Museum, Providence, RI 

15 Rules is a photography exhibition under the narrative of Christopher Alexander’s 15 Rules For Rebuilding the World. With photos of body and intimacy, and tangible texts, the exhibition invites visitors to experience the periphery perceptions of sight in a new language, as to evoke people to appreciate all their senses.

︎︎︎  A Chair And Us.
Sept,  2021

︎︎︎ Typography & Exhibtion Design
︎︎︎ Sol Koffler Gallery,  Providence, RI 
︎︎︎ Collaborated with Emily Feng

A Chair And Us
presents modern design with human/body investigations in a experiential timeline that reveals the history of iconic chair design from the 1960s to the present day.

︎︎︎  The Story of Human Ambitions.
May,  2020

︎︎︎ Exhibtion Design
︎︎︎ UNSW Gallery, Paddinton, Australia
︎︎︎ Curated by Tong Jiang

The project uses flying as a core theme to display the development and evolution of the aviation industry, featuring humans’ dreams about flying started long ago. All cultures have traditional items representing the flying dream, such as the Indigenous Boomerang, Japanese Kite, and the modern drone. Starting with the Greek story of how humans have been in pursuit of flying dreams, the exhibition intended to guide the viewers through the journey of time and space and push the viewers to rethink the cost of industrialization and the impact of aviation in the natural environment.