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Snaturz.  Triste

︎︎︎  Fairview.
May,  2022

︎︎︎ Set Design & Scenography
︎︎︎ Trinity Repertory Chase Center,
      Providence, RI 

The project is a set design proposal for the play “Fairview”: The play is a gradual evolution of revealing the artificial construction of “race”, with layers of perceptions in each act such as watching, hearing, miming, and embodiment, while the ultimate state of “Fairview” need to be approached through the act of “de-constructing”. Spatially performed, the gesture of a conical penetrating the frame generates different visibility on stage, capturing the verbs of the “deconstructing”  from the play, while the stage space is gradually being dyed with the color of the green screen, revealing the artificial state of “gazing” and “race”.